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Youth Program

This program is offered in partnership with Equine Enrichment  and is based on the work of Sara Sherman of Discovery Horse in Minnesota USA.


With the support of our horses and our staff, we hold a vision of empowered, confident and compassionate individuals who stand strong in who they are.


Youth will walk away from this program with a greater sense of self-worth and a greater capacity for self-reliance while developing the skills necessary to identify a safe network of support.

What is the Youth Program?

The Youth Program is offered over six weeks through weekly two hour sessions and covers:

• mindfulness
• development of boundaries and confidence
• positive relationship building with oneself and others
• honouring differences
• the importance of emotions and communicating them
• building communities of support

Groups of up to 8 youth participate in a different Equine Engagement Experience™ each week that encourages growth in the above noted areas. Each week is structured with check-in and check-out circles, discussion and experiences, and specific curriculum and delivery methods based on the needs of the group.

This is NOT a therapeutic riding program. All of the Equine Engagement Experiences™ are completed with the participants on the ground focusing on self-awareness and growth through skill-building. The learning and development happens in the moment through this experiential model and partnering with a horse… a powerful experience not easily forgotten!

Flexibility and responsiveness to needs is at the core of gestalt which is the basic operating system of Heard Wellness Through Horse. Different delivery methods such as a one or two-day programs for individual groups are available upon request.

Our program is listed as an Approved Provider with Rocky View Schools.

If you are a service provider working with youth or a parent or guardian, or even a young person yourself and are interested in how this program can meet your needs, please contact us.