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Private EGCM sessions

During this 90 minute session, we create an individualized and unique experience to address patterns or areas of your life that are stopping you from living to your fullest potential.  An environment of safety, accountability and trust is established by both therapist and equine partner to complete the unfinished business that may be blocking one from fulfillment.  This involves some assessment work initially to gather information shared by the client that may be helpful for the therapist to know in order to facilitate the most appropriate experiences.

Youth Program


Are you a young person, or the parent or services provider of young people, who may be struggling?  Would growth in the areas of confidence, self-awareness, mindfullness, and relationships be beneficial?
Check out our youth program!

( more info on our youth program here )


Destination Wholeness

Group work can be very powerful… Especially when partnered with a 1000 pound animal!  This is an opportunity to chip away some of the barriers to empowerment and fulfillment. The destination is self-compassion and wholeness.

Next session is April 14-15, 2018


(more info on this next series here)

Weekend Workshops & Retreats

Heard Wellness Through Horses offers opportunities which can run for one to numerous days.  These retreats can sometimes be in partnership with other professionals and focused on a very specific need, or be more general focused on topics such as empowerment.  These are an  opportunity to unplug, reconnect with yourself and others in a group of people with a desire to heal and grow.

Our next retreat is Destination Wholeness!!!

Connection Circle

Are you interested in seeing what this method and work is all about?  Or wanting to reconnect with the healing teams?  Join us for a Community Circle.  This happens once per month and is focused on varying topics.  Join us in the presence of the horses in a community of curiosity towards personal growth.

Join us on February 24th! Get your ticket here!


Telephone Coaching Session

Do you find that you are good at setting goals, but lack in the area of follow through?  Are you looking for support to put a goal into action steps?  Or perhaps you want support in between equine sessions…
Telephone coaching sessions may be the correct fit!  We offer half hour sessions in various packages that are catered to your goals.  It is a place where you can expect to have support, as well as accountability in your growth.

Dream Theatre

Do you have a recurring dream or dream that you wonder about a deeper meaning?  Come join us for Dream Theatre where we can delve into embedded messages, and support or play a part as others unpack their dreams.

(More information here)

Are you feeling drawn to the services offered at Heard Wellness Through Horses Inc.?  Please check out our updated events page and don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

Amy brings to her coaching a kindness, calmness and compassion that cannot be taught. You are in good hands with Amy and I unreservedly recommend her as a coach.

Theresa B.

Saksatoon SK, CAN

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