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Amy has always been drawn to the beauty and the hearts of horses. From her days as a young girl on a farm, they never seemed too far away. Horses have carried her over mountains, through rivers, and to victories in the rodeo arena.  On a deeper level they were carrying her through the river of adolescence, persistently supporting her to navigate the boulders of patience and confidence, and opening gates to happiness and fulfillment.


Amy’s first job was working at a farm where racehorses would come for a break from the track, or retirement. It was while picking stalls, learning to assert herself with those powerful athletes and sharing moments of pure connection and love that she began to dream of a place where troubled young people could come and find peace and meaning in the presence of horses.

She moved on to attain a Diploma in Social Work from Red Deer College, and a Bachelor of Social work and Master of Social Work degree from the University of Calgary. She found an educational and professional path where her own personal beliefs and values about people fit with those of the Profession.



Many of her practicum and employment experiences were in the field of Mental Health including working at a youth ranch, program development for adults living with developmental disabilities, working on an adult acute inpatient psychiatric unit, and as a therapist in community health and mental health.  She is registered as a Social Worker with the Alberta College of Social Workers.

She also spent a summer working in a mountain tea house, away from everyday luxuries, but enveloped in the pureness of nature. This was a profound experience of how stillness with mother earth is healing in itself.

It was not until Amy came upon the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method developed by Melisa Pearce of Touched By a Horse that she began to truly understood the gifts of horses. At first, she was skeptical of the incorporation of energy and somatic work, but upon experiencing a session at Connecting in Spirit in Camrose, Alberta and the profound personal shifts that occurred, she enrolled. She had spent years researching equine facilitated wellness/counselling/coaching programs none of which had been as complete in the training and business support as this one. This program also provided validation of the healing power that the equine family possesses.

The dream of marrying her love of working with people and horses began to take shape, and Heard Wellness Through Horses was born.

Do you connect with any parts of Amy’s story?  Are you intrigued about how a session with a horse can impact your life?  Contact us to set up your own personal session today or check out our events page for upcoming groups!

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